Episode 8 – “Aristotle Meets Apple” by Anna Butrico

This episode features a piece of audio produced by Anna Butrico, who graduated from Vanderbilt in 2018 with a degree in English and communication studies. Anna started podcasting her sophomore year at Vanderbilt, launching a podcast called This Vanderbilt Life with help from Vanderbilt Student Media. That experience led her to a summer internship at WPLN, Nashville’s public radio station, where she helped produced over two dozen stories. At the start of her senior year, Anna decided to write her honors thesis on podcasting, looking at how modern podcasts are inhabiting and extending classical Greek rhetorical forms. In this episode of VandyVox, we share the audio introduction to Anna’s honors thesis, “Aristotle Meets Apple: Rhetoric in the Podcast.”

For more by Anna Butrico, check out her multimodal senior thesis, her podcast This Vanderbilt Life, and her stories for WPLN Nashville Public Radio.


Episode 7 – “Borders and Rituals in ‘Papers, Please'” by Scholars at Play

This episode features an excerpt from an episode of Scholars at Play, a podcast focused on the critical discussion of video games and their place in society. The podcast is produced by three Vanderbilt graduate students: Derek Price (German Studies), Terrell Taylor (English), and Kyle Romero (History). They got together in 2016 around a shared interest in video game studies after Derek Price put up a few signs in the grad student carrels of a video game controller. Since the campus didn’t have a graduate seminar in game studies at the time, they decided to create their own, as a podcast. They launched Scholars at Play that year with some help from Vanderbilt’s Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy. This episode of VandyVox features the first segment of their second episode, “Borders and Rituals in ‘Papers, Please.’”

For more Scholars at Play, listen to their podcast on SoundCloud or visit their website, scholarsatplay.net. And for more on the origin of the Scholars at Play podcast, listen to an interview with Derek, Terrell, and Kyle in Episode 34 of Vanderbilt’s edtech podcast, Leading Lines.

Episode 6 – “Well Founded Fear” by Joshua Minchin

In this episode, we feature a short audio documentary by Vanderbilt law student Joshua Minchin called “Well Founded Fear.” Joshua produced this piece for an assignment in a refugee law course taught by Vanderbilt professor Karla McKanders. The assignment called for students to take some challenging legal issued related to refugee and immigration law and to convey it to a non-specialist audience through audio stories. Joshua’s motivation for this piece came from his personal experience working as an employment specialist for a refugee resettlement agency before he started law school. In writing about this audio piece, Minchin said it’s important not to lose track of the people who are most affected by immigration law.

Joshua’s piece first aired on the long-running podcast Life of the Law. For more information on Karla McKanders’ collaboration with Life of the Law, as well as other student pieces that aired on that podcast, listen to Episode 136, “New Voices Series: Law Students Take on Immigration.”