Episode 39 – “Human Bionenhancement: When Superhuman Becomes Ordinary” by Maya Reddy

Runner-up in the Undergraduate Category of the Excellence in Podcasting Competition

The industrial revolution defined the 1800s and the green revolution defined the 1900s. Some experts believe that the genetic revolution will be the defining feature of the 2000s. So what does that mean for bioengineering? 

In this episode, Maya Reddy explores the technical possibilities and ethical dilemmas of human bio-enhancement.

What was your process for structuring this episode? Did you plan out the entire episode first or did you just experiment with audio until you found something that you liked?

“I tend to plan out the entire episode, at least the gist of it, before I start recording. Sometimes interviewees say things that are unexpected that change my plans, but for the most part, I have a direction before I go about gathering audio”

How much research did you do and how did you decide what information to include?

“I did a LOT of research. I typically do about 5-6 hours of research prior to conducting interviews and then more if needed after that. I had a difficult time deciding what information to include! I was submitting this piece to a competition that required it to be under 8 minutes, which made it difficult. I ended up cutting some stuff that wasn’t exactly relevant to the topic and will likely use it for another episode some other time.”

How long did it take for you to produce this episode?

“This episode took me a long time, especially because it had two large interviews and little voice notes at the beginning. I would say it took upwards of 20 hours total when you factor in interviews, research, audio work, etc.”

What were you most proud of?

“I was very proud of the voice notes at the beginning and the end. I thought that audio engineering was some of my best work so far.”

What advice would you have for students that are interested in producing something similar?

“I think you just have to take your time. It isn’t something that comes quickly, and it is obvious when people rush podcasts. Just pick a topic that interests you, and take your time! You’ll produce something wonderful.”