Season 2 Coming Soon

Thanks to the Vanderbilt students and faculty who contributed to the first season of VandyVox! We were thrilled to share student-produced audio from anthropology, game studies, health policy, human and organizational development, law, mathematics, and women’s and gender studies. Be sure to listen to our final episode of the season, which features the audio introduction to English major Anna Butrico’s senior thesis on podcasting!

You can listen to all eight episodes of Season 1 in your favorite podcast app or on, where you can also find resources for engaging students in audio production work in curricular and co-curricular settings. We hope that VandyVox gives listeners a sense of the kind of creative and critical media students can produce, as well as tools instructors can use to support their student in this kind of work.

Season 2 is coming later in 2019! If you know of Vanderbilt students (undergraduate or otherwise) making great audio, let us know! We’re particularly interested in sharing audio produced as part of class assignments, but we’re open to any student-created audio work with an academic hook. To make a submission, contact VandyVox host and Center for Teaching director Derek Bruff (


Welcome to VandyVox!

by Derek Bruff, Director, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

VandyVox showcases the best of student-produced audio at Vanderbilt University. Each episode features student work from a curricular or co-curricular project, including audio documentaries, radio dramas, spoken word essays, and ongoing podcasts.

I got the idea for VandyVox during a course design institute hosted by my center in May 2018. Several faculty participants in the institute were interested in assigning audio projects in their courses or creating class podcasts. Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if there were a “podcast of podcasts” produced by Vanderbilt, featuring the best of these student projects?

In the fall of 2018, I pitched the idea to colleagues at Vanderbilt Student Media, including director Chris Carroll and assistant directors Paige Clancy and Jim Hayes. They were excited by the idea and the potential it had for helping Vanderbilt student work reach a wider audience. I reached out to faculty and students for audio to include, and the Student Media team, including assistant director Jeff Breux, went to work on production and distribution.

We’re happy to launch Season 1 of VandyVox in February 2019 with eight episodes featuring student audio created for honors theses and internships, courses and research projects. Fields represented in the first season include math and English, law and health policy. Genres include audio documentaries, speculative fiction, critical essays, and that one where three people sit around a microphone and talk about video games.

We hope that VandyVox gives listeners a sense of the creative and critical media produced by students at Vanderbilt, and that it inspires faculty and students to consider ways that audio production might enhance their teaching and learning.

We’re prepping for Season 2 later in 2019! If you know of student audio we might feature on VandyVox, please let us know!