Episode 35 – “Climate Change in Miami by Emily Irigoyen

Runner Up in the Undergraduate Category of the 2022 Excellence in Podcasting Competition

Miami, Florida is at the epicenter of many discussions about rising sea levels caused by climate change, but we rarely get to hear from the individuals displaced by it. In this short episode, Emily Irigoyen paints a vivid picture of a city inundated by floods and the state’s continued denial of the grim reality faced by thousands of citizens.

“Using very short pull quotes is very much a thing that could work well in print but in podcasting, which privileges the human voice, it doesn’t work quite as well.” 

– Jad Abumrad on the limitations of using short interview clips in podcasting

“One of the big debates you have in a story meeting is, ‘is this a topic or a story?’ and this particular piece is very much a topic [that] has story-shaped elements…There’s an opportunity here to go a little bit deeper into any one of the chapter-lets to let me see and feel and hear and taste and smell the experiences being described rather than to keep hopping around.”

– Jad Abumrad on how to turn a topic into a story

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